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Taking your dog on holiday with you

Dog rolling in the sand

Dogs love holidays as much as we do.

Many people want to take their dogs on holiday with them and Independent Cottages has a huge selection of dog friendly holiday cottages throughout the UK to choose from, with many that accept 2 or more dogs!

Taking your dog away on holiday can help to reduce any anguish and costs associated with putting your loved one in a kennel and it often makes for a very enjoyable holiday, for both yourself and your dog, if planned well.

Obviously it depends on the type of holiday you are planning. If you are intending to do lots of sightseeing and visit attractions, then it may be inhibiting to take your dog away with you as some attractions (e.g. museums, stately homes etc) may not welcome dogs. Generally, holiday cottage owners will not allow you to leave your dog in the cottage unattended and it is also not recommended that dogs are left in cars. However, there are plenty of enjoyable things to do on holiday with your four legged friend.

The wonderfully diverse landscape in the UK provides fantastic walking opportunities and the climate generally lends itself well to this type of holiday. There are also plenty of dog friendly beaches, pubs, attractions and even restaurants who welcome well behaved dogs.

To help you get the most out of your holiday with your dog, here are a few tips:

  • When you are in the process of booking a ‘dog friendly’ holiday cottage, make sure you notify the owner of your intention to bring your dog and if you have more than one dog, confirm the exact number. Also make sure that you discuss any ‘pet rules’ that the owner has put in place to ensure that the cottage is suitable for both you and your dog/s needs prior to booking.
  • Many owners have ‘pet rules’ that you should be aware of and will need to agree too, prior to booking and staying in the cottage. These rules are put in place to protect your dog, yourself, the holiday cottage and future guests.
  • Do your research about the surrounding area – find out what pubs, beaches, attractions etc welcome dogs – this will help you to get the most out of your holiday. Also find out about walking opportunities in the local vicinity along with any restrictions due to livestock, wildlife etc. It is also worth noting the telephone numbers for local vets and veterinary hospitals for while you are away.
  • Make sure your dog is used to travelling prior to going away and ensure comfortable facilities are provided for the journey, along with many breaks along the way & opportunities for a drink.
  • Always make sure you clear up after your dog wherever you are – with more places becoming dog friendly, it is really important that we all do our bit for responsible dog ownership.
  • Never leave a dog unattended in a holiday cottage. Not only will you often be breaking rules, put in place by the owner, but however well behaved and well trained your dog may be, you can never be 100% sure how he/she will behave in new surroundings.

Things to take on your holiday with your dog

To help you get the most out of your holiday and ensure your dog is comfortable, spend a little time planning the things you should take away with you. A happy dog makes for a stress free holiday for you! A few suggestions are:

  • Water and food bowls – most owners don’t like you using their best china!
  • Bed – they also don’t like you letting them sleep on their beds!
  • Travel bowl and water holder – great if you plan to do some long walks or day trips.
  • Favourite toys – make sure your dog gets the most out of the holiday so pack a few favourites : Frisbee, ball, floating toys or comfort toys – they can all provide lots of entertainment for the whole family and keep your dog amused!
  • Dog towels – some owners will provide them but take a couple of dog towels for drying off the dog and muddy paws.
  • Throws – if you are worried about your dog rubbing against furniture, take a couple of throws with you to cover it.
  • Basics – you will obviously take leads, poo bags, harnesses, medications, food etc but it may also be worth packing a few little extras such as an extra lead and tick remover.
  • Make sure your dogs collar has a contact number that you will be reachable on during your time away (i.e. a mobile number).
  • Don’t forget the treats – after all it is your dog’s holiday as well!

Independent Cottages has a vast range of holiday cottages throughout the UK that will allow your family pet to be a part of your holiday experience. Why not take a look at our cottages which allow dogs, there are hundreds to choose from!

4 thoughts on “Taking your dog on holiday with you

  1. David

    We hate leaving our dog behind on holiday. Thankfully when we go abroad we have found a nice person to have him in a home environment and take him on nice walks, but at £20/day it’s not cheap!!!

    As our dog is part of our familiy we’d also like him to come on holidays with us, especially as he loves swimming and beaches. We’ve found some lovely places in the UK that take dogs on your website.

    I wonder if you can advise if they allows dogs of all sizes as ours is a big dog? Do the owners place any special rules or requirements on having dogs stay? For, example about leaving them along in the holiday property? We wouldn’t want to leave him that much, but as you say on your article, some attractions don’t allow dogs.

  2. scilly self catering

    I agree with David, dogs become a part of the family and it seems cruel to leave him with family or in a kennel when we are going on a walking holiday which he would love. We have found some great places that allow dogs (usually if they allow dogs there is no size restiction on the dog), some even offerring dog-sitting services should you wish to go out yet don’t want to leave your dog alone all day (ideal for visiting those non-dog friendly attractions). I have been very impressed with the cleanliness of all the properties we have stayed in – although all of them have listed cottages as ‘dog-friendly’ (meaning they only allow dogs in some of thier properties, some being kept dog free for those with allergies etc..) they have all been spotless.

  3. Sarah

    We have recently returned from a week in the Lake District with our dog. We booked a ‘dog friendly’ holiday cottage on the outskirts of Coniston and enjoyed a fantastic week away. The Lake District is an excellent place to visit with your dog – you can walk all day amongst spectacular scenery and then collapse in front of the fire, at one of the many dog friendly pubs. We also found shops, tourist attractions, cafes etc incredibly welcoming to dogs, making our holiday experience varied, enjoyable and relaxed. It is also worth noting that there are sheep roaming freely along many of the walks, so many areas require dogs to be kept on lead.


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