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Make Your Cottage Gleam & Put The Shine Into Reviews

Living 160 miles from our holiday cottages, we are unable to manage the turnarounds, particularly now the market is so short break driven. Even thought we’re lucky enough to have a fantastic housekeeper who manages the cottages like they are her own, regular back to back bookings leave little time for ‘deep’ cleaning. Every month we stay […]

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Cottage Bookings Are Coming In For 2016 – Don’t Miss Out!

2016 written in sand

After renting holiday cottages in the UK for over 13 years, one thing I’ve learned over the course of time is how different every year is with regard to the pattern in which bookings are made. Some years you’re heading towards Spring with just a handful of peak weeks booked, worrying about where the bookings will […]

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Have You Installed Smoke Alarms In Your Holiday Cottage?

From 1st October 2015 it is now a legal requirement for residential landlords to install both smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms in rented properties. If you don’t you could face a steep fine of £5000! As part of a government initiative to help save lives and protect residents, landlords in England are now required to fit […]

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Do you need a music and film licence for your holiday home?

Like many regulations, it can be difficult to find information specifically aimed at the holiday rental market; and the regulations surrounding whether or not you need a licence to play and supply films and music in your holiday cottage are no exception! There appears to be conflicting information with some grey areas at first glance, so we […]

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Legionnaire’s Disease: Know Your Risks As A Cottage Owner

As a ‘landlord’, holiday home owners have a number of responsibilities to ensure guest health and safety. Most are well known by cottage owners such as the annual gas check, yearly sweeping of the chimney, checking and testing of electrical Portable Appliances (PAT tests) and Risk Assessments (including fire).  However, there are also some less […]

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Photos Say So Much More Than Words, Or Do They?

It seems that sometimes, owners can underestimate the importance that photos play in ‘selling’ their cottages. We see a diverse range of both quantity and quality of photos on our adverts and, there is no doubt, that adverts showing a good selection of high quality photographs, reap the rewards in terms of increased enquiry levels and bookings. If you have chosen to […]

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How to Get Repeat Bookings for Your Holiday Cottage

Repeat bookings are the staple of any successful holiday property owner’s income. They’re effectively ‘free’ business, as you’ve already done the marketing and leg-work the first time round when you gained the customer. Having a ‘core’ of returning guests each year can really take the stress out of holiday letting and not just financially.  ‘Regulars’ are […]

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Cottage Owners: Beware Of The Latest Phishing Scam

cartoon of a phishing scammer

Over the past couple of years most cottage owners have become familiar with over payment scammers (if you haven’t then please read our article to find out more). However, over the past few weeks, a new breed of scammer has raised its ugly head and we wanted to provide you with information which should hopefully prevent you getting […]

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