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We used AI to bring children’s perceptions of UK holiday destinations to life – and the results might surprise you!


It goes without saying that children often have vivid imaginations. Imaginations that let them see the world in a different, more colourful and exciting way.  A cardboard box can be a rocket up to space and a blanket draped over two chairs can become a medieval castle guarded by dragons. As adults, we often miss […]

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The 13 Best Places To Visit In The Lake District

Lake District at pink sunset

If you’re looking for a quintessential British holiday destination, the Lake District is one of the most popular spots in the entire country. With miles and miles of beautiful scenery, plenty of charming little towns and villages and an impressive historical legacy, there are hundreds of different things to see and do around the area […]

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The 10 Best Places To Visit In The Cotswolds

Green fields in the Cotswolds countryside

The Cotswolds is one of Britain’s most popular holiday destinations. Tourists come to the area all year round, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, picture-perfect streets of houses and local food and drink establishments. This picturesque part of the country is very well known for its beautiful little villages, but if you’re visiting the area then you […]

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Great Doggie Days Out In The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is incredibly dog friendly which is hardly surprising considering it is one of England’s most rural regions. A vast outdoor playground with miles of tracks, trails and footpaths across its rolling countryside, this beautiful region is a walkers paradise and an ideal holiday destination for dog owners. Peppered with honey-coloured villages and ancient […]

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