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The 9 Best Walks In The Cotswolds

Cotswold Way

Whilst the Cotswolds is an area perhaps best known for its picturesque range of towns and villages, it’s also a brilliant part of Britain for walking holidays. Whilst there’s not quite the same range of terrain that you get in places like Scotland or the Lake District, there are still plenty of popular public footpaths […]

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The 13 Best Places To Visit In The Lake District

If you’re looking for a quintessential British holiday destination, the Lake District is one of the most popular spots in the entire country. With miles and miles of beautiful scenery, plenty of charming little towns and villages and an impressive historical legacy, there are hundreds of different things to see and do around the area […]

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The 10 Best Places To Visit In The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is one of Britain’s most popular holiday destinations. Tourists come to the area all year round, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, picture-perfect streets of houses and local food and drink establishments. This picturesque part of the country is very well known for its beautiful little villages, but if you’re visiting the area then you […]

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Cities, Countrysides and Coastlines: The Pantone Colours of the UK

With all that is going on in the world right now, enjoying the beauty of the UK has never been more important. This year UK staycations have been more popular than ever, from coastal breaks to countryside escapes and city stays.  That’s why we have decided to put together a visual guide to the beauty […]

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These are the most popular movie and TV homes, according to Google

At Independent Cottages we list an extremely diverse array of holiday homes – from grand manors, to quaint cottages, tree houses, houseboats, converted buses and everything in between. We know how much a special house can stick with you, and that’s true not only of your own home or places you’ve stayed on holiday but […]

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