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The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland
The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Holiday Cottages In Scotland

If you do nothing else of note this year, go to Scotland. It's utterly fantastic, with natural and historic features that will appeal to anyone.

Planning a holiday in Scotland? Let us inspire you


If you do nothing else of note this year, go to Scotland. It's utterly fantastic, with natural and historic features that will appeal to anyone.

The Scots are proud of their food too and it never seems to travel too far, with most restaurants favouring locally produced Scottish ingredients. Mix this with vibrant cities, misted mountains, sparkling lochs, deserted beaches and a culture that is thousands of years old - you cannot help but be captivated by this vast and beautiful country.

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Want to see a list of our Scottish holiday cottages? If so, you can go straight to our holiday cottages in Scotland page. If you're looking further afield than Scotland, we also have cottages in England and Wales.

Where to stay in Scotland?

East Central Scotland boasts an impressive offering for the great outdoors, with mighty mountain peaks, mysterious lochs and some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see.

The Scottish Highlands & Islands are an absolute must-visit destination, with many tourists heading here each year to explore the raw beauty of the mountains and lochs and enjoy the complete quiet.

South East Scotland is perfect for those looking to explore the history and heritage that lies in famous cities like Edinburgh. The South East is also great for exploring museums as well as offering superb shopping.

In South West Scotland you will find places such as the Dumfries and Galloway. These magnificent locations offer an incredible mix of breathtaking coastlines, mountains and dense greenery.

West Central Scotland is home to some great Scottish tourist spots like Stirling, with the beautiful views of Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park just 30 minutes away.

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Explore Scotland

East Central Scotland

Queens View, Loch Tummel, Perth & Kinross
Queens View, Loch Tummel, Perth & Kinross

If outdoor activities are your thing, then East Central Scotland is an incredible playground for fishing, hiking, mountain biking, touring and road cycling. It doesn’t stop there though. If castles and museums are more what you are looking for, then you will also be able to find plenty of those in East Central Scotland too.

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Top 3 Holiday Destinations in East Central Scotland

With an outstanding coastline, some of the best golf courses, unmatched hiking and fine dining, there are plenty of places in the South East of Scotland that make for a great holiday.

  • Aberdeenshire offers captivating scenery of rugged mountains and beautiful Scottish cliff sides. Aberdeen is a great cosmopolitan city to visit, its vibrancy and atmosphere make for the perfect day out. With the ideal mix of the great outdoors and amazing cities, Aberdeenshire is a holiday-maker's dream.
  • Fife is a historic county in East Central Scotland that offers the perfect blend of beautiful countryside and great golf courses.
  • The mix of rural countryside and stunning coastline makes Angus a great spot for those looking for a peaceful break in Scotland. If you are looking for greenery in abundance, rolling hills, sandy beaches and lively cities, Angus is the perfect place for you.

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Scottish Highlands & Islands

Loch Ba, Scottish Highlands
Loch Ba, Scottish Highlands

All the poems and songs written about the beauty that lies in the Scottish Highlands and Islands are all true. However, we still strongly recommend that you see it all for yourself!

With places like The Cairngorms National Park situated in the Scottish Highlands, you’ll find plenty of mountains to climb as well as incredible forest hikes that lead to hidden lochs.

Peace and serenity are what lie on the Scottish Islands, so if you are looking for a holiday full of wildlife and scenery, then places like the Isle of Skye will be sure to impress.

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Top 3 Holiday Destinations in Scottish Highlands & Islands

The Highlands are even better than portrayed in the plethora of poems and songs written about them. The region covers nearly half of Scotland, yet is home to less than ten percent of the population, meaning you can really enjoy a sense of space.

  • The Cairngorms National Park and the Hebrides are two of many reasons to visit. As well as five fabulous ski resorts, there is a calendar packed full of events like the Highland Games and festivals dedicated to music and whisky.
  • The famous Loch Ness is amazing not only because of its legendary monster but for its stunning coastal regions and countless opportunities for activities.
  • As you drink in the silence on the Isle of Skye, you'll find it hard to believe it was once anything other than peaceful, yet both it and Moray are littered with remnants of a tempestuous history.

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South East Scotland

Bagpiper in red tartan kilt in Edinburgh, South East Scotland
Bagpiper in Edinburgh, South East Scotland

As you move away from the rugged landscape and into cities full of heritage and history, you’ll be astounded at the sheer beauty of the architecture that lies in South East Scotland. Alongside this, you can also find castles, museums and excellent shopping opportunities.

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Top 3 Holiday Destinations in South East Scotland

The landscape of Scotland's southeast couldn't be any more different to the Highlands. The country's capital city, Edinburgh, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is complemented wonderfully by the surrounding Lothians.

  • Edinburgh is sophisticated and fun, with museums, theatres, award-winning restaurants and excellent shopping.
  • It's not far from Edinburgh to the Scottish Borders - a dividing line that spent centuries being both attacked and defended from both sides.
  • While not as extreme as the Highlands, the Lothian environment provides a wide array of outdoor activities which cater for all abilities and interests.
  • A great option for couples or those looking for a weekend getaway to explore the many shops and monuments in the city.

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South West Scotland

View across the harbour of Port Logan, Dumfries and Galloway, South West Scotland
Port Logan, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

If arts are what you are looking for, the South West is renowned for its offering of wonderful music, painting and writing. There are also some great towns to be explored where you can browse for hours through the many authentic bookshops.

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Top 3 Holiday Destinations in South West Scotland

  • With its windswept moorland and vast stunning coastline, Dumfries and Galloway is the perfect spot for those looking to soak up Scotland's stunning scenery, as well as a great place for exploring.
  • North Ayrshire is surrounded by great towns that many tourists head to during the summer months. It is also encompassed by beautiful landmarks, impressive coastline and great beaches.
  • South Lanarkshire borders the southeast of Glasgow and offers some great suburban towns as well as being the host to many festivals and events.

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West Central Scotland

View across Loch Awe to Kilchurch Castle, West Central Scotland
Kilchurch Castle, Loch Awe, West Central Scotland

In West Central Scotland you will find a fiercely Scottish atmosphere where the locals are proud of their home and heritage, as well as some great spots to do some browsing through shops and other historical monuments such as Stirling Castle. In contrast to the busier towns, if you drive 30 minutes from Stirling you will reach Loch Lomond where you can discover beautiful green forests and a huge expanse of water.

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Top 3 Holiday Destinations in West Central Scotland

A trip to West Central Scotland will offer a much needed relaxing break, where you can get away from the hustle and bustle and soak up all that this beautiful part of Scotland has to offer. There are an array of great things to do when visiting West Central Scotland, so whether you are looking to unwind or explore the great outdoors, you can do it all.

  • Loch Lomond and the Trossachs are located in West Central Scotland. This is situated in the heart of Scotland and offers two stunning National Parks, both of which display incredible greenery alongside mountainous scenery and expansive lochs.
  • A visit to the Scottish Islands is also easily available from here. Explore the unspoilt beaches and peace that lie on the secluded isles.
  • Stirling is a staple location within Scotland, often being referred to as ‘the gateway to the Scottish Highlands’. Encompassed in rugged mountains and being a city built in traditional Scottish architecture, it is certainly worth a visit.

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