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How to set up your pricing tariffs

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There are many marketing tools available to holiday cottage owners to help us increase enquiries and bookings from holiday makers. From taking good photos, engaging in social media campaigns and offering incentives such as discounts and facilities such as hot tubs and log burners, there is a long list of ways we can ensure we […]

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The benefits of offering EV charging in your holiday home

EV charging port

Electric vehicles, otherwise known as EVs, are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. According to there were 600,000 plug-in hybrid or electric cars on the road at the end of August 2021 and with the sale of new petrol and diesel cars due to be banned from 2030, this number is set to rapidly […]

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How to manage your holiday home through the COVID crisis

Dices saying 'normal life' 'corona life'

Holiday home owners are used to adapting to ever changing scenarios. We are continuously adjusting to new rules and regulations and different market trends whilst also ensuring we provide the best possible holiday home for our guests. This flexibility, resilience and desire to achieve best practice has held us in good stead to deal with […]

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Coronavirus: Considerations for reopening your holiday home to guests

Picture of keyboard with person pressing the reopening button

Are you ready to reopen? This article is aimed at holiday cottage owners who are looking to safely reopen for the first time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic; those who have been closed for a while and are reviewing their protocols and possibly holiday home owners who are new to holiday letting. Since […]

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Coronavirus: UK holidaymakers’ questions answered

Updated 7th March 2022 With the uncertainties surrounding overseas travel, many of us are currently looking to holiday in the UK. Whilst you may be keen to book a holiday, it is likely that you will have questions and concerns surrounding future covid-related restrictions and cancellation policies. Whilst individual holiday home owners will have their […]

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Coronavirus: Considerations for UK holiday home owners

Last update 13th April 2022 The last couple of years have been a roller coaster ride for holiday home owners. The hardships and uncertainties of the first half of 2020 gave rise to an unprecedented summer where we saw record levels of Brits searching for UK holidays. This was swiftly followed by further restrictions and […]

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It’s The Law: Legislation for Holiday Home Owners

Womens head with question marks coming off it and a bubble saying 'what legislation applies to me as a cottage owner?'

When you are setting up a holiday home it is likely that you will be thinking paint colours, welcome hampers, booking systems and setting your rates. You might be wondering whether to add a log burner for those winter bookings or a trampoline in the garden for the kids. Or maybe you are weighing up […]

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The importance of taking credit card payments for holiday rentals

Women wearing glasses holding credit card, laying on floor in front of computer

It is becoming increasingly necessary for holiday home owners to accept credit and debit card payments. Cheques are dated and are used less and less. They are inconvenient to post and pay in, and it takes time to wait for them to clear. Guests are becoming more wary of bank transfers as stories of fraudulent […]

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A review of online booking management systems for holiday home owners

Most independent holiday cottage owners are aware of the benefits of having an online management and booking system. We read how it will generate new bookings and save us money and time. We know that customers visiting our websites expect to find up to date rates and availability, and many prefer to be able to […]

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Top 10 UK Christmas Markets for a Festive Break

Couple looking at Christmas tree outside

If the thought of spending hours trawling the internet or high street shops in search of that perfect Christmas gift fills you with dread, why not try something different this year? Growing in number year by year, Christmas markets are becoming increasing popular in the UK and they are the perfect way to find those […]

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