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Self Catering Holiday Accommodation in London

Where do you start when it comes to describing the city of London? Being one of the biggest metropolises in the world and offering everything a multicultural and diverse city can, is only scratching the surface of what is the biggest tourist magnet in the whole of the UK. From a variety of culture to its massive historical significance for the whole world, the capital is a place just waiting to be discovered with a new and unique experience on offer every day. Read more

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Explore the vibrant city of London

It goes without saying that the city provides a wealth of resources for history buffs. From the Royal attractions such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and Kensington Palace to the military exhibitions of the National Army Museum, RAF museum and Churchill’s War Rooms, the whole city is a living history. A novel way of seeing London is cycling and the city hosts cycling tours throughout the year with routes taking in the River Thames, Tower Bridge or even the Jack the Ripper streets of Whitechapel.

Culturally, London is perhaps the most diverse in the UK. With its vast number of theatres – including the prestigious and world renowned West End - London oozes culture and art and this can also be seen in the art galleries and exhibitions taking place every day in the city. From traditionalists to modern artists, London has it all and whether you want the large and imposing art galleries known all over the globe or the smaller, quaint displays by little known artists, you can find it all within the city limits.

The city has a remarkable, four UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Tower of London, the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, The Palace of Westminster which includes St Margaret's Westminster and Westminster Abbey, and, last but not least, Maritime Greenwich. Indeed, the typical view of London is of a crowded and bustling city and while that is certainly true, it also has its tranquil locations. Hyde Park for instance has over 300 acres of green land with relaxing walks and peaceful lakes while Richmond Park is home to some interesting wildlife and features hundreds of free roaming deer.

Given its size then it is no surprise that London offers some of the best shopping and nightlife experiences in the country. From the famed upmarket stores such as Harrods, to the more low key markets like those on the Portobello Road, London has a wealth of shopping options. The nightlife is fantastic too and it has one of Europe’s best clubbing scenes with music to suit all tastes.

Everything you could want in a single place can be found on the city of London. From the heritage and culture of its many attractions to the shopping and nightlife appeal. Indeed, even in amongst the real frenzy of the city lies some quiet and peaceful areas where visitors can sit back and have a breather. London is diverse and whatever it is you are seeking then one thing is for sure, it can be found here.