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County Antrim is one of the six counties found in Northern Ireland and sits in the North East of the country. It is home to the majority of Northern Ireland's capital, Belfast. The countryside of Antrim is made up of hilly areas, mountains and deep glens with clear water streams trickling through them, which are perfect for nature fans. Lovers of ancient sites and mysterious myths need look no further than Antrim, with Irish legends a vital part of visiting the county. Read More

55.138616, -6.038898
Beachview Cottages

Two spacious 3 Star holiday cottage set in beautiful rolling countryside within Northern Ireland. The holiday cottages have panoramic views and are conveniently within walking distance to the village and beach. 3 Star. 

From £390 to £575 per week
Sleeps 8
(4 bedrooms)
55.138616, -6.038898
Beachview Cottages

Two 3 Star holiday cottage set in a beautiful location with outstanding panoramic views across the beach and Cushendun Bay within Northern Ireland. 3 Star. 

From £330 to £525 per week
Sleeps 6
(3 bedrooms)

Discover County Antrim

The Giants Causeway is County Antrim's most popular tourist spot. As the result of an ancient volcanic eruption, it is made up of 40,000 (mostly hexagonal) basalt columns that interlock. Named as one of the greatest natural wonders in the United Kingdom, as well as being declared a World Heritage Site, a visit to County Antrim is not complete without seeing this amazing sight. There are many legends and stories to be heard about the Giant's Causeway. One legend claims that a Scottish giant, Benandonner, challenged an Irish giant, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, to a duel. The story continues that Fionn built the Causeway across the channel so that the giants could meet. Ambiguity surrounds the end of the legend. Another version, from Irish Mythology, is that Fionn Mac Cumhaill was a pagan hero that grew into a giant. Many of the structures found in the Causeway are linked to the legends, including basalt that looks like the Giant's boot. Legend has it that Benandonner lost it running back to Scotland. Find out what the locals think about the battle when you visit Country Antrim and see how many different versions you encounter! 

Many more legends can be found in the countryside of County Antrim. Ancient ruins, such as the Castles of Dunseverick and Kinbane, have enchanting stories of their own. Shane's Castle, found on the shores of Lough Neagh, is also a site that can be seen lots in the television series, Game of Thrones. As well as ancient architecture, the country is home to amazing loughs (lakes) and glens (valleys). The hilly and mountainous landscape has its own legendary history, with the mountain of Slemish thought to be the home of Saint Patrick when he was a young slave. Cairns can also be seen throughout the land; man-made piles of stones that have been used as land markers since ancient times. Spend time exploring the countryside of County Antrim and try to find some of these extraordinary, natural sculptures. 

Without a doubt, County Antrim is the place to visit if you are a fan of Irish legends and mythology, as well as if you want to delve into Ireland's past. Many ruins, castles, natural and man-made wonders await those wanting to hear stories of old and see amazing sights. Towns, such as Antrim and Ballymena and cities, such as Lisburn and Belfast, are great to visit for those craving something more metropolitan. However, County Antrim, from its great shores to its in-lands, is ideal for those looking for mystery and wonder in Ireland.

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