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Holidaying on a shoestring? Save the pennies with a self-catering staycation

We keep hearing about the current growing trend of staycations in the UK and there is little surprise that people are staying at home with the recent record breaking temperatures. After all, who wants the hassle and costs of flights associated with foreign travel, when we have some of the best beaches on our very own shores, made even more spectacular by the sunshine?

However, it is not just the sunshine that is boosting the popularity of staycations. For the past few years more people have been choosing to stay put; either spending their holiday at home or exploring another part of the UK. Many factors have influenced this with possibly the largest being the financial climate and peoples reluctance to indulge in the expense of foreign travel.

Staying at home will undoubtedly make you the biggest saving (providing you don’t take too many day trips out to keep the kids amused!) but nothing beats the opportunity to escape for a few days in a new environment and recharge those batteries.  You don’t have to travel far and the great thing about a self-catering staycation in the UK is that you don’t actually have to spend much more than staying at home.

Here’s how…

Accommodation: Never has there been a better time to holiday in the UK with some incredibly cheap last minute deals being offered on self-catering accommodation.  We have holiday homes for all budgets and if you are flexible on location and can pack up and get away at short notice, some are as cheap as £70 per person per week without compromising quality and comfort – why not take a look at our last minute offers to see for yourself.

Share the cost with friends: Some of the best savings can be made by booking a large holiday home. Whilst the rental cost may initially appear expensive, split it between friends and the cost per person per night can become very attractive. You may also be able to share travel costs, cooking, child minding and have a round-the-clock playmate for entertainment.

Take the dog: Many holiday homes welcome dogs, so there is no need to pay expensive kennel fees.

Eating: One of the many advantages of self-catering is in the name itself! Regardless of whether you are at home or away, you have to eat and self-catering allows you to cater for yourself, within a budget that suits your purse. It also provides the opportunity of enjoying fun and novel culinary experiences – What could be better than packing the bucket BBQ, food and drink and heading off to the beach for supper? Or enjoying a summer picnic in the country where there is plenty of space for a game of rounders or football? Simple fun pleasures with very little, if any, additional cost to your food bill.

Outdoor activities come for free…: If you are one of the many people who enjoy outdoor activities, then there is no better playground than the landscape of the UK. The choices of activities available are endless with plenty of penny-free pursuits to occupy land lovers and water babes alike. Take your outdoor clothing, walking boots, bikes, surf boards etc and enjoy days of free fun.  Alternatively, pack your bucket and spade, towels, crabbing line and lunch and head off to the beach for a lazy day.

…As do some attractions: There are many attractions and famous landmarks in the UK to visit that don’t cost a penny so, with a bit of research, you can take in some great sights for free. Maiden Castle in Dorset and Baconsthorpe Castle in Norfolk are two of English Heritage’s free sites or visit one of the free museums such as the National Railway Museum in York or the Big Pit National Coal Musem in Blaenafon. The White Cliffs of Dover with their trail quizzes are popular with the children as is the Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth. With a bit of planning, there are plenty of free British attractions providing great days out.

If you are planning to spend your staycation at home but would desperately like to get away for a few days, then consider a UK self-catering holiday. Accommodation can be incredibly reasonable and with a bit of planning, you can have that well earned break at little more than the cost of a staycation at home.

3 thoughts on “Holidaying on a shoestring? Save the pennies with a self-catering staycation

  1. Michelle Pegg

    I couldn’t agree more. For the first time in 4 years we decided to have a summer holiday in the UK because of the cost and hassle of going abroad with children and the lovely hot weather we have had in the UK!
    I think we forget just how beautiful our country really is; from the beautiful countryside to stunning sandy beaches, we are spoilt for choice I think in the UK. We took a trip to Donkey beach in Cornwall this summer and it was like steeping into the Mediterranean! Best of all, the kids loved it and want to again next year which we never thought we would hear given that they initially huffed at going on holiday in the UK. Just goes to show that the UK has just as much to offer as the typical beach holiday abroad!

    1. Sarah

      Very well said! The UK has such a beautiful landscape, I never tire of it! If you like beautiful beaches & enjoyed Cornwall, the Pembrokeshire coastline has lots to offer (see our blog on kayaking with the seals). We recently visited and it reminded me in so many ways of Cornwall. Thank you for your comments!


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